iOS App Development

As a full-stack iOS app development company, we build feature-rich, engaging iOS apps for all Apple devices. Our talented iOS app developers will help you with every step, from choosing the right technology stack and crafting an immersive UX to iOS app testing & support services.

Android App Development

At Firnas tech, we develop feature-packed futuristic mobile apps for the entire range of Android devices across the globe. Our skillful Android App developers put together an exclusive blend of technologies to design and develop Android apps that your clients will choose to keep.

Native and cross-platform solutions

Empower your business with our robust and scalable Native and cross-platform development solutions. Whether you wish to connect with a broad user base across various devices and platforms or craft apps for specific devices and mobile app platforms, our experts will handle all your requirements.

Second platform app development

You no longer have to forgo one platform over another due to budget constraints. Whether you own an iOS app and looking for an Android version or vice versa, we can leverage existing UI and APIs to build the 2nd app for you, so you can reach a larger audience while remaining on budget.

Legacy App Modernization

Kickstart your digital transformation journey with our agile and resilient legacy application modernization offerings. We help organizations transform their legacy application portfolio by employing cloud and SaaS-based business models through deep automation.


Tap into the decentralized ecosystem with our blockchain app development services. We develop business models built on the next-gen decentralized blockchain networks leveraging our rich expertise across all major blockchain platforms, including Corda, Ethereum, Solidity, and more.

UI/UX Design

Blending the latest design trends for your industry vertical, end-user needs, and best user experience practices, we carve a user first-interface and visually incredible customer experience for your mobile app.

Consulting & Prototyping

Our Consulting & Prototyping services cover everything from understanding business needs, choosing the right technology, developing a prototype, gathering user feedback, improving UX/UI design, and testing the market to ensure successful mobile app development.

Automated QA & Testing

Get bug-free mobile apps that ensure a great experience, translating into user satisfaction and retention. Our test automation experts offer Android and iOS App Testing Services to confirm seamless functionality, performance, and compatibility of apps.

Maintenance & Post Warranty Support

Let your mobile app remain competitive, robust, and secure at all times with the help of our Mobile App Support and maintenance services. From fixing bugs, new feature implementation, and OS and library updates to UI/UX and performance enhancements, we’ve got you covered.

Our Web Application Development
Tech Stack

Mobile Development Languages & Tool Kits

Swift  |  Java  |  Kotlin  |  HTML5  |  CSS  |  JavaScript |  React Native  |  Flutter  |  Ionic

Backend Programming Languages

Java  |  Python  |  Node  |  PHP  |  GO

Databases and data storages

SQLite |  Firebase  |  Amazon RDS  |  Amazon REDSHIFT  |  Amazon DocumentDB  |  AWS Elasticache  |  Azure SQL DB


Swift  |  Java  |  React Native  |  Flutter


AWS  |  Azure  |  GCP  |  Docker  |  Kubernetes |  Jenkins


Stripe | GPay  |  Apple Maps  |  Google Maps  |  Keychain API  |  REST: API

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Type of Apps We Work For

Native Mobile App Development

We design and develop intuitive, fully functional, high-performance native mobile applications for Android, iOS, and Windows platforms.

Hybrid Mobile App Development

Our certified hybrid app developers build engaging hybrid mobile applications that drive customer engagement. We work on various tools and frameworks, like React and more.

Progressive Web App Development

As a leading progressive web application company, we are at the forefront of delivering fast, reliable, and lightweight PWAs that seamlessly adapt to multiple devices and screen sizes.


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