Linux system design

Leverage our embedded Linux software development and hardware engineering expertise to get a scalable and updateable embedded system — designed from scratch — to fit your product needs and customer expectations.

Embedded Linux BSPs

Engage our team for custom Linux BSP development, kernel tweaking, hardware architecture redesign, middleware development, and cloud integrations. Our tech stack covers all the most popular build systems including Yocto Project, OpenWrt, and Debian.

Linux driver development

Have our team develop device drivers for the peripherals you are planning to implement on your custom PCB: audio, video, networking, UI, wireless connectivity, industrial sensors, and more.


Receive an in-depth technical audit of your existing Linux-based system and improve its overall operation including power consumption and startup time optimization.

GUI development

Deliver a sleek user experience based on best-in-class UI frameworks and libraries including Qt and TouchGFX or a custom Android ROM.

Audio/Video processing

Make use of our embedded Linux services to add multimedia support to your embedded system with the GSteamer framework to enable audio/video streaming and processing.

Cloud integration

Set up a stable and secure connection from your Linux-based system to the cloud in order to collect data and enable device management and provisioning through our embedded Linux development services.

OTA updates

Fix and improve your device’s operation with fully remote over-the-air updates for the kernel and the embedded software running on top of it.

OS migration

Planning a change in components or running on a legacy Linux version? Our embedded Linux services team will migrate your OS effectively to ensure your device works smoothly.

Tools & Technologies We Use

Build Tools

Yocto | Buildroot | Debos | Nerves


 C | C++ | Rust | Go | Python | Bash | Elixir | Uboot | Barebox | Ostree | Rauc


NXP IMX | Xilinx Zynq | TI OMAP | STM32 MPU


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